PedalAid app for encouraging cycling on the Isle of Wight

The PedalAid app ran from 2017 until 2024. It was commissioned by the Isle of Wight Council using a national Active Travel grant.

The app logged cycle rides along over 50km of designated bike-friendly routes. Each month a distance target was set and if the community achieved the target a donation was made by a business sponsor to a local charity. 

This was a custom development, that extended the Situate platform. 


PedalAid included a guide section that included practical information, things to see, historical stories and details about the wildlife you might encounter along the trails. 

PedalAid app - Alverstone Station
PedalAid app - Little Egret
PedalAid app - Ethelred the Unready
PedalAid app - cycle information


The journey data was used to give useful insights into how people were using the main cycle routes on the Isle of Wight. 

Heatmap showing the most used sections of the Red Squirrel Trail

A heatmap showing the most used sections of the Red Squirrel Trail. 

Heatmap showing where PedalAid users live.

A heatmap showing where users of the cycle routes live.


Infographics were created to help communicate some of the key metrics.

Infographic showing the distances users have ridden.
Infographic showing the amount of CO2 saved.
Infographic showing the most popular times of day for rides.

Local Charities

PedalAid charity montage

Each month a local business nominated a charity to support. If the distance target was achieved they then made a donation to the charity. Dozens of local charities received donations, totalling many thousands of pounds.


We created a website for the project, and developed clothing products that users could purchase. We also published a monthly newsletter.

PedalAid website


Signs promoting PedalAid were installed at key points along the trails.

PedalAid signs