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Create and manage your own
location-aware visitor guide app

Perfect for museum guides, walking trails, audio tours and more!

Use Cases

Situate can be used to create many different types of app. The most common are shown below.

Bess of Hardwick, Situate

Visitor Guides

Incorporate video, audio, images, floor plans and maps into a digital visitor guide app. Keep it up to date using the online CMS.

Bess of Hardwick, Situate

Audio Guides

Create new audio guides, or adapt an existing audio tour. Situate apps work offline so there are no problems streaming content. 

Bess of Hardwick, Situate

Walking Trails

Situate is great for walking tours. Create route maps and trigger content when users come within a specified radius of a GPS hot spot. 


Works Offline

Content is downloaded to the user’s device and thereafter doesn’t require an internet connection to work. 

Indefinite App Lifetime

You keep the content up to date and we make sure the technology stays compatible with new operating system versions and devices.

Trigger Content

Content is triggered by location triggers - which can be GPS,  Bluetooth Beacons or NFC.


Visitor Flow Data

The app captures location data that provides a rich picture of how visitors are using the venue.


Create versions of your app for different audiences: languages, visitors with accessibility needs, different themes.


Broadcast Messages

Send announcements to users who have installed your app – even targeting visitors currently in your venue.

Situate in Action

Blackpool Showtown

Blackpool Showtown

Blackpool’s brand new museum
opened in 2024 and showcases
the very best of the seaside, magic,
circus, illuminations, shows and

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Museum of Stories: Bury Park

Museum of Stories: Bury Park

This app contains twelve mini
audio dramas inspired by people’s
experiences of Bury Park in Luton.
Each story is connected to a
location where it actually happened.

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PedalAid was commissioned by Isle of Wight Council to encourage cycling and support local charities.

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Woodland Trust

Woodland Trust

We have created several walking trail apps with audio commentaries for the Woodland Trust in England and Scotland.

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