Audio Guide Apps

Create and manage audio guide apps for museums, walking trails and events.

Situate can be used to create apps that include the functionality of hand-held audio guides. Content is downloaded to the device so audio playback is immediate and without glitches. Situate’s ‘audio bar’ feature allows the user to continue browsing through the app whilst listening to an audio track.

Audio content can be linked to a location hot-spot – an iBeacon or GPS coordinates – and be set to play automatically when the visitor comes within range. As well as being a useful feature for audio guides this can also be used to assist visually-impaired users by providing wayfinding information as audio.


Situate Features

Works Offline

Content is downloaded to the user’s device and thereafter doesn’t require an internet connection to work. 

Trigger Content

Content is triggered when a user comes within range of a location trigger – which can be iBeacons or GPS coordinates.


Create versions of your app for different audiences: languages, visitors with accessibility needs, different themes.

Indefinite App Lifetime

You keep the content up to date and we make sure the technology stays compatible with new operating system versions and devices.


Visitor Flow Data

The app captures location data that provides a rich picture of how visitors are using the trail.

Audio Guide app screenshot - taken from the Sheffield Lives Situate app

Examples of Audio Guide Apps

Blackpool Showtown

Blackpool Showtown

Blackpool’s brand new museum
opened in 2024 and showcases
the very best of the seaside, magic,
circus, illuminations, shows and

Museum of Stories: Bury Park

Museum of Stories: Bury Park

This app contains twelve mini
audio dramas inspired by people’s
experiences of Bury Park in Luton.
Each story is connected to a
location where it actually happened.

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