Walking Trail Apps

Create and manage walking trail apps using Situate.

Situate can be used to create walking trail apps that will work regardless of whether or not there is an internet connection available. Walking routes and interactive markers can be shown on maps, and content can be triggered automatically at each stop as the user follows the trail.


Situate Features

Works Offline

Content is downloaded to the user’s device and thereafter doesn’t require an internet connection to work. 

Trigger Content

Content is triggered when a user comes within range of a location trigger – which can be iBeacons or GPS coordinates.


Create versions of your app for different audiences: languages, visitors with accessibility needs, different themes.

Indefinite App Lifetime

You keep the content up to date and we make sure the technology stays compatible with new operating system versions and devices.


Visitor Flow Data

The app captures location data that provides a rich picture of how visitors are using the trail.

Walking Trail app screenshot - taken from the Sheffield Lives Situate app

Examples of Walking Trail Apps

Sheffield: Home of Football

Sheffield: Home of Football

A walking tour app for Sheffield Libraries that explores the historic footballing hot spots that shaped football worldwide.

Where Bombs Fell App

Where Bombs Fell App

This walking trail app was developed by final year Graphic Design students at Sheffield Hallam University.

Crich Tramway Village

Crich Tramway Village

Crich Tramway Village, the home of the National Tramway Museum, combines a mile-long tram route, period village buildings, exhibitions and nature trails.

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