How it works

Situate Overview

Situate combines the potential of iBeacon technology with a simple, yet powerful, online tool that lets you create engaging content that your visitors can access via a mobile app.

Everything is provided – all you need to do is decide what content you want to associate with different parts of your exhibition. Use the online Admin Tool to load your content into your app – video, audio, images and text.

iBeacons can be used to connect physical locations in your venue with relevant content in your app.

Publish your app to the Situate app (in the Apple AppStore and Google Play Store) or, if you prefer, as a standalone app under its own name.

The Admin Tool makes it easy for you to update the structure and content of your app at any time with no need to re-release your app. Any changes are immediately pushed to users’ phones.


You can use Situate for anything from a small temporary exhibition to your full museum or gallery. You can structure your content hierarchy to fit your exhibition. Group your content by any number of sections or levels.

It’s so easy to start building your app. The Admin Tool has a preview function so you can see how your app will work with every change you make. We also provide the facility for you to test it on your phone before you have published your app and made it public.


iBeacons are small standalone devices that transmit a bluetooth signal which can be detected by most smartphones. Depending on how they have been set up, they will typically have a range of up to 50m.

The Situate app detects any iBeacons within range and determines which one is closest. The app then displays content that has been associated with that iBeacon.

The iBeacons themselves are small and unobtrusive. They can be positioned high up on a wall or ceiling, or behind a panel. They are powered by small watch batteries that last for well over a year. They need no external wiring or internet connection.

Online Admin Tool

The Admin Tool is powerful, yet easy to use. There is no software to download or keep updated – everything can be managed through a browser. It has been designed so that non-technical users will soon pick it up.

Using the Admin Tool you create sections, and then upload content into those sections. iBeacons can then be associated with sections or specific content items to determine what will be displayed when a visitor passes close by that iBeacon.

Content can include:

  • text
  • images
  • videos
  • audio

Versions of your app can be created in different languages and for different age groups so that users will always see content that is relevant to them.

Publishing your App

It’s simple to make your app available to the public. With the basic subscription, you can automatically add your app into the existing Situate app in the Apple AppStore and Google Play Store. Your visitors simply download Situate and then select your app from the list. (The list can be ordered by location so that the visitor sees the venues closest to them at the top of the list.)

Alternatively you can opt to have a standalone app, that exists under its own name (of your choosing) in the app stores.

Updating your App

Don’t worry about your app going out of date. You can use the Admin Tool to change your content at any time.

Devices that have the app installed will detect that there have been changes and automatically offer the user the option of downloading the updates. You can tweak an exhibit’s description or completely overhaul your app’s structure.

Sign up for free and start using Situate today

It’s so easy to get started with Situate. You can sign up for free (no credit card details required) and start creating your Situate app straight away.