Croydon Music Heritage Trail

Croydon Music Heritage Trail app

Explore the sights, sounds and scenes of Croydon’s musical heritage past and present with this walking trail around Croydon.

This project was developed with the people of Croydon in mind. Over 11,000 people engaged to nominate and vote for musicians, performing artists, venues and other music heritage assets. The top 25 are featured in this app and are just a taste of the great music stories to come out of Croydon.

The result is a collection showcasing artists from over a century, spanning multiple genres including: Bass, Classical, Indian Classical Music, Punk, and Blues and Jazz. Other sounds you will experience along the trail include Reggae, Dubstep, Rock, Grime, Folk, Indie and more.

Croydon Music Heritage Trail app
Croydon Music Heritage Trail app

The app is in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. 

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In 2024 The Museum of Croydon opened a complementary exhibition inside the museum itself. We extended the app to include additional content, and placed Bluetooth Beacons around the exhibition area to trigger content in the app. 

Nadia Rose at the Museum of Croydon