As-Salt Walking Trails

As-Salt Walking Trails app

As-Salt Walking Trails App

Soak in the beauty of As-Salt and experience this magical town by taking a walking trail. These self-guided trails will give you an authentic experience of life in the town, and take you back through the ages. There are two trails to choose from, the Harmony Trail and the Daily Life Trail.

The Harmony Trail gives a true sense of unity as mosques and churches stand side by side in peace. While on the trail, keep an eye out for the Islamic and Christian symbols and inscriptions that are infused within the architecture of old homes and houses of worship.

On the Daily Life Trail, you’ll walk in a local’s shoes and experience the variety of flavours, colours and textures of daily life in As-Salt while exploring the market area, or souq, which runs along Hammam Street. Play a game of manqala, enjoy traditional bites, listen to stories told by locals, and observe details of the city that tell a thousand captivating tales.

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