Yorkshire Artspace is one of the largest and most established studio providers in the UK, offering studios to over 160 artists and craftspeople in three buildings across Sheffield. We helped Yorkshire Artspace to build an app using Situate for their Open Studios event in November. Staff at Yorkshire Artspace populated the app themselves with content for every artist, categorised by venue and type of art form. There was also a section providing information on the various workshops and events taking place. 

Persistence Works, Exchange Place, Manor Oaks

We used GPS triggers on each of the three sites to automatically show venue details when users are within a particular radius of each one, and we show the venues on a map. We installed beacons throughout Persistence Works and Exchange Place. As visitors moved between floors they receive information about the artists on that floor.

Beacon placement

The Open Studios app will provide an ongoing legacy. Yorkshire Artspace can keep the artists and venue information up to date, allowing people to find out about the incredible range of work being carried out in these studios.

Open Studios app